Keeping Battlefield*: Bad Company 2 alive!

Project Rome aims to preserve BC2’s online services and allow you to keep enjoying the game for years to come.

  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Latest build
  • Build 914
  • Size: 527 kB
How to play?
  1. Download the Project Rome files from this page.
  2. Open the downloaded zip file.
  3. Extract dinput8.dll into your Bad Company 2 folder.
  4. Create an account using the button below.
  5. Run the game and use the account you created to log in.
How to transfer stats?
You can easily transfer your stats from the official servers to Project Rome. Simply press the button below and follow the instructions.
Looking for Battlefield 3?
If you are looking for a new Battlefield 3 experience, with mods like Project Reality, you can use the same account to check out VU!

You might have issues logging in to BC2 if you have spaces or special characters in your password. If you do, try changing your password.