Experience Battlefield* 3 like never before

VU /vi:ju:/ is a community-oriented Battlefield 3 modding platform that gives you back control of your gaming experience.

If you are getting a "This Origin account is already linked to another account" error, try recovering your account from here.

Dedicated servers

Host your own dedicated servers, with full control over them. Configure them in any way you want to provide your players with a unique experience.

Mods & user-generated content

Join in on entirely custom experiences like Reality Mod, created by the community. Create your own experiences using VU's extensive modding capabilities.

New and unleashed features

Experience smooth gameplay on high-tickrate 60Hz and 120Hz servers. Watch matches in real-time using the extensive built-in spectating features.

Unprecedented customization

Do you hate the blue tint? You can disable it! Suppression? Tone it down! Customize your gameplay experience and your server to your needs.

Download VU
Build 20041 109 MB
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Battlefield 3 (launched at least once)
  • Origin (required for initial activation)