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Today we finally made a change that was long overdue.

It has been discussed time and again ever since the Venice Unleashed Closed Beta launched, and even though it seemed like it was initially unnecessary, the closer we were getting to the launch of the Open Beta, the more obvious it became it was time to introduce the following measure.

Starting today (July 15th), access to Venice Unleashed and related services will require you to fully verify ownership of your copy of Battlefield 3 by linking your EA Origin™ account to your Emulator Nexus account.

It should be noted that each Origin account can be only uniquely linked to a single Emulator Nexus account and, at the time of this writing, it is not possible to revoke such a link. It should also be noted that this is a one-time process, and does not require re-authentication or re-authorization. After your Origin account has been linked, you need not worry about it again.

The entire authentication process is being handled completely externally, via Origin's authentication mechanisms, which means that your credentials and personal information never goes through our services. It took quite a while to setup a system which would allow us to process accounts in this way, along with multiple bug submissions and fix requests towards EA along the way. The end result allows us to verify your identity without processing your personal information, and only provides us with the absolute necessary data (such as your username, user id, etc.), used to verify ownership of the game.

With all that being said, this is a new system, and there are some portions of it that might not work perfectly. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us, either via the forums, or via our contact e-mail (found by clicking on the "Support" link above).

You can link your account right now by logging in to our SSO system with your Emulator Nexus account, and selecting the "Link your Origin Account" option. All traffic is SSL secured for even better confidentiality.

Please make sure to read all the warnings and instructions on the page.

Finally, even though this might appear to be a simple initial integration, we believe we could use it as a basis to provide more features to you, our users, such as the ability to transfer your soldier information and stats, automatically discover your friends, and possibly more, so let us know if there's something you'd like to see.

Thank you,
The Emulator Nexus Team

Hello everyone,

Since our last event with LevelBF was a great success, we're now proud to announce another event organized by "La Huitième Compagnie" (The team that has so far organized several Community Wars on BF4).
Starting on Monday, 27th of July at 20:30 CEST there will be the first ever BF3 Community War - on Venice Unleashed!

Two teams of 24 players will face off against each other on 4 maps (Grand Bazaar, Caspian Border, Noshahr Canals, Kharg Island)
The gameserver will be provided by us, the Teamspeak server will be provided by LHC.
It's not clear yet if we'll be able to have the gameserver running in 60 Hz mode but we'll soon carry out some tests.
Don't have a Venice Unleashed key? No worries, we'll take care of that!

How to join?
If you want to participate, you need to be part of a 4-person squad (consisting of 1 french-speaking squad leader and 3 "normal" players).
All further requirements, rules and dates can be found here (french), so please make sure to read it carefully.
This document will also tell you how to enlist.
Note: Enlisting is done on a first come first serve basis.

Community War: 27.07.2015 20:30 CEST (be present at 20:00! End is approximately 23:00)
Squad leader meet-up: 20.07.2015 21:00 CEST (If your squad leader is not present, your squad will automatically be excluded from the tournament)

Good luck everyone!

Everybody participating in the Community War will of course permanently keep their access to the Closed Beta ;)
Image courtesy of Berduu

Tune in tomorrow, May 13th at 18:15 UTC, to witness MeetYourMakers go head-to-head against iPLAY in a one of a kind show-match, and only on Venice Unleashed!
Both teams will compete with a roster of 5 professional players in a Best-of-Three, adrenaline filled Squad Rush match.

The event will be hosted and broadcasted by LevelBF, and casted by MiloshTheMedic!

You don't want to miss this!
Earlier today our first Open Bughunting Season came to a close.
It is only because of your tremendous support and feedback that this event was a success!

You tested, you provided feedback, and we listened, and during the course of the past 3 days over 60 new issues were reported by you, out of which more than half have already been fixed! There were some issues that made the game almost completely unplayable at times, but thanks to your patience we managed to isolate and resolve most of them. If you want a complete list of changes that were made during the past two days, make sure to check our changelog.

During this test we learned several new things, not only about the game engine and our client, but also about the community.

For starters, we figured out that there's no single consumer-grade machine powerful enough to run one of our 120Hz servers with more than 30 players, and even that is pushing it. This didn't come to much surprise to us, as we already knew that the CPU requirements would rise, we just weren't sure about how much. We will be analyzing the data we collected in order to be able to more specifically provide hardware and bandwidth requirements for servers.

Secondly, we learned that events like these require better instrumentation. People need to be guided in what to do when testing something, and even though our setup worked well for most things, some players were still left confused and lost without guidance, something we will be definitely taking into consideration for our next test.

Finally, we saw great support and excitement from the competitive community.

Venice Unleashed aims to be an environment for all players, both competitive and casual, so we've been working hard on features that will make everybody's experience much better, from small changes to our interface and mod tools, to advanced tools for professional players and casters.

We will now be entering a period of slight silence, while we sort out and resolve all of the game-breaking and usability bugs you reported, and working on optimizing and putting the final touches on our backend services, in order to get one step closer to the ultimate and Unleashed Battlefield 3 experience!

Once again, we'd like to thank all of you who tested with us and provided valuable feedback.
This wouldn't have been possible without you!

From everyone at Emulator Nexus, thank you, and we hope to see you again soon in our next open test!