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One of the most requested game features has been the modification of the game's built-in chatbox, in order to provide a better user experience for players.

With that in mind, we are happy to announce the first official and complete mod for Venice Unleashed: The Advanced Chat


The Advanced Chat mod offers a complete replacement for the built-in chatbox, is entirely implemented using VeniceEXT and the WebUI system, and can be hosted server-side, without the need for players to manually download and apply something to their client.

The Advanced Chat currently provides the following features:

  • Full backwards compatibility with the built-in chat.

  • Color coded messages for global, team, squad, and enemy chat.

  • Full chat log up until server disconnection.

  • A usable scroll-bar, which allows you to view older messages.

  • The ability to directly paste messages in the input box.

  • The ability to use chat while in deathcam, revival, or end-of-round scenarios.

  • And more are being implemented!

Since this entire system is a mod, it is completely optional, meaning that server administrators can decide whether to enable it for their servers or not.

Currently, all of our official servers (#001 - #003) are running this mod, so you can hop in and try it right away!

The source code for this mod is open and fully available for everyone to use and modify, without any license restrictions.
You can find it right now on the Emulator Nexus GitHub!

The tools to compile a WebUI package into a VUIC container haven't been finalized yet for public release, but expect to see them too soon!

If you have any issues, make sure to report them in the GitHub issue tracker for this mod.
As always, any feedback is appreciated.

We hope you will enjoy this!
Hello fellow players!

Venice Unleashed was just updated to build 7962, which introduces tons of fixes to the client for various issues that came up while testing, but most importantly, introduces initial support for mods in the form of VeniceEXT extensions!

As a slight deviation from our original plan to use managed .NET modules for mod support, we have decided to integrate and use LUA, a language which is really easy to learn and get used to, performs really well for our use cases, and has a huge community behind it.

Right now only a few basic functions are implemented (like player management, full visual environment management, basic vehicle spawning and manipulation, etc.), but we are continuously working on adding new features. Even though there is currently no documentation on what functions are available, we will be working on providing detailed specification documents for every feature exposed via VeniceEXT.

Now, you might be wondering: "How do I create my first mod?".

The simplest answer to that is that you can't right now, which sucks frankly, since all mods are served on the server-side.

With that being said however, we are hoping that in the next few days we will be able to open up private server hosting to everyone, while providing a couple of sample mods for you to play with and experiment.

Finally, we have setup a small demonstration of the VeniceEXT system on our test server #001, which currently runs Wake Island in a night environment, so simply fire up your client, join it, and tell us what you think!

We hope you will enjoy these new changes, which should prepare you for some of the new and exciting features that will be soon arriving in Venice Unleashed.

Have fun!
It's Christmas, and in light of the Christmas spirit we are happy to let in a new wave of players!

Over 450 keys have been activated today and are ready for you to redeem!
This includes old giveaway keys, Harmonic Electricity keys, and new keys sent via e-mail to lucky users!

We would also like to let you know that our new password changing and resetting systems are in place, so if you've lost your password you can now visit this page and request a new one.

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated, either in the form of bug reports on our Issue Tracker, or suggestions on our Community Forums.

From everyone at Emulator Nexus,
Merry Christmas!
During testing last week, we came across a couple of game-breaking bugs which would severly affect everyone's gameplay experience.
We are also aware of the problems some people have experiencing with resetting their passwords.

With that being said, we are currently in the process of fixing those bugs, and introducing a new password-reset sequence, which should allow us bring in the next wave of people.
We would also like to thank Rodney for providing two new dedicated servers for this stage of the Closed Beta!

In the meantime, kiwidog has been working hard on Rime, introducing a new plugin system in order to allow developers to extend the editor with new and exciting features, and a couple of people are already doing so!

We are getting there, slowly but surely!


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